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Best Camping First Aid Kits of 2020 For Multi-day Trips

The joys of hiking are amazing and well worth all of the dedication that is put into preparing for a hike.It is extremely important to pack lightly but properly! This means you must have a backpacking first aid kit that is dependable yet mobile.You never know what will happen and you must be prepared but where do you start?What are the most important items to have?No need to worry!! We can help you be prepared for the road ahead of you.

There is nothing better than a relaxing day walking alongside the wildlife or breathing in fresh air from the top of a hill. The joys of hiking are amazing and well worth all of the dedication that is put into preparing for a hike. It is extremely important to pack lightly but properly! This means you must have a backpacking first aid kit that is dependable yet mobile.

You never know what will happen and you must be prepared but where do you start?What are the most important items to have? No need to worry!! We can help you be prepared for the road ahead of you. Keep in mind that we all have different needs when going hiking but these products below might be a great addition to your Backpacking First Aid Kit.


Discover The Best Camping First Aid Kits that are ultralight and ready for the wilderness. We’ve included reviews of the most potent small first aid kits that meet your medical needs for your next camping, hiking, and backpacking trip. These first aid medical kits are best organized and easy to use and prepare you for multiday backpacking trips.

1. Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

This first aid kit is unique and was made based on customer’s feedback. It comes with 100 items which include top of the line scissors, tweezers, and compass. It is lightweight at 1.1 pounds and contains a lot of survival gear.If you are looking to be prepared for all incidents that could occur, you may want to go with the Surviveware Small First Aid Kit. It is designed to make sure you are prepared for all emergencies such as earthquakes, floods, and more. Keep in mind that 100 different products can get heavy and this is one of the heavier hiking first aid kits.

2. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight and Watertight Medical Kit

The Adventure Medical Kits First aid kit is lightweight and easy to carry. If you take a lot of day hiking trips or light load trips, then this may be ideal for you. This kit includes enough items for two people. If you tend to hike with a large group, then you may not want to go with this first aid kit.If you are looking for something extremely mobile and packed with the necessities, then the Adventure Medical Kit .9 would be perfect for you.This kit does include sterile bandage materials, bleeding and wound care, blister/burn care, fracture/sprain care, common medications, and essential tools, all contained in a high-visibility kit bag.

3. Protect Life First Aid Kit

This Armprep compact first aid kit also has over 100 items and prepares you for the unexpected. It is compact, durable, and contains medical first aid supplies and emergency preparedness Items which includes extra stock. When traveling in large groups, this first aid kit would be beneficial.It includes adhesive bandage strips, sterile rolled bandages, square sterile bandages, white bandage roll, disinfectant wipes, butterfly stickers to close deep cuts, normal plasters, fingertip plasters, cotton swabs, CPR printed guide and a mini-flashlight. This pack does not come with medicine so you would need to pack your own!

4. Northbound Train Light and Durable First Aid Kit

The Northbound Fist aid kit comes in a durable carrier that you can count on. It is 11oz and a great portable first aid kit. It was designed by a former U.S. Marine and a Navy Corpsman with hiking, camping, and hunting in mind. The quality construction protects your medical supplies and the zipper is rated for thousands of closures.This is the best case for traveling. This kit is heavy and the product inside are lower in quality. This might be great to purchase for the durable and add in any personalized items such as medication, bandages, etc.

5. First Aid & Survival Kit (200-Piece)

The SwissSafe First Aid Survival Kit comes in two great colors, red or green! This is a lightweight and easy to carry kit which is ideal for basic first aid needs. The container is well made and zips well. There are 200+ unique items which include metal tweezers and lancets, scissors, a CPR mask, an emergency blanket, safety pins, and a whole bunch of other items, including pads and bandages. Overall, it is compact, portable, and affordable!

What to Look for Choosing the Backpacking First Aid Kit

When going for a hike you want to make sure that you carry a Backpacking First Aid Kit in case of any injuries or incidents that may occur. You never know what will happen which is why it is important to be prepared. Below are the five most important items to have in your first aid kit when hiking. You never know who’s life you will save just because you were prepared. 

1. Bandage It Up

As you are walking along the trail, the tree branch grazes your arm causing a scratch that is bleeding. Do not let it slow you down. Pull out a bandage from your first aid kit and cover it right up.It is extremely important to carry multiple sizes of band aids. This includes small sizes, large sizes, and even butterfly bandages. Smaller bandages are helpful for small cuts on your fingers which are easy to get along the trail.

Butterfly bandages tend to help close off larger wounds and can be more effective. Keep in mind that bandages are also useful for blisters that may occur during the hike. It would be beneficial to bring along waterproof band aids as well since there is a chance of the bandage coming in contact with water or sweat.

2. Get Rid of Germs

Before putting that bandage on, you will want to clean the area that was affected. If you do not clean the area you are running the risk of infection or a more painful healing process.There are multiple options when it comes to disinfectants or ointments. You want to choose the one that work best for you. You can bring along a topical antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin or Vaseline. 

This will dress a wound and help in the healing process. You could also purchase antiseptic towelettes which help when cleaning small wounds.These cleansing pads have lidocaine which combines a wipe and cream in one. Plus the towelettes are lightweight and kill germs while medicating your wound.

3. Grab, Cut, & Fix It Tool

Do not forget your all in one handy tool. You need that one toll that can do it all. A multi-use tool or knife should include scissors, a knife, and tweezers. The scissors should have a blunt end so the patient is protected. These can be used for removing clothes and cutting bandages.

The knife can be used as a scalpel for medical purpose or a blade for cutting straight lines. The tweezers are ideal for removing splinters, debris, or bugs from the skin. Without this tool, you may be out of luck and in a bad situation.

4. I’ll Take Two

After all of that, you may need something to help with the pain. Try packing some pain relievers such as aspirin or Ibuprofen. Aspirin can assist with aches & pain alongside a fever. Ibuprofen will help reduce inflammation of sprains and other injuries.

There are also some of us with allergies. Make sure to grab antihistamines which help with an allergic reaction to a bite, sting, or pollen. You never know how someone’s body will react to a new environment.

5. Gloves Come First

Last but not least, pack some latex or nitrile gloves. This will protect you against any blood-borne diseases and infection. Gloves come in an easy travel sized pack and are worth having for extra protectioGet Safe Medical Kitn. With gloves in your first aid kit, you will not worry about helping an injured hiker on the trail.

If you are not interested in making your own first aid kit or are worried that you would not do it right, then you might want to look into purchasing one that it already prepared for you.Multiple first aid kits are premade for different destinations such as a hot terrain, a wet slope, or even a cold hilltop.

So Which One is the best camping first aid kit?

All of the kits above are important and were made with hiking in mind. They provide multiple items in such an easy carrying case. The Surviveware Small First Aid Kit is ideally the best from the kits above.It is made for multiple incidents and is a first aid kit you can count on. The only con is needing to pack your own medicine but seeing that everyone prefers different types of medication, it is not that big of an inconvenience.I love that it has unique items that are hard to find yet important to have. The Get Safe Kit comes with over 130 items and works well for large groups or multiple incidents.If you want to feel prepared, safe, and ready to tackle your hike, you might want to purchase the Surviveware First Aid Kit for that extra reassurance where it counts. Now you are ready for the road ahead!

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