Best Backpacking Hammock Reviews Of Top 5 Hammocks For All Weather Conditions

Best Backpacking Hammock Reviews

Next time you go hiking backcountry solo or with family, I recommend leaving the tent and all that extra weight behind. Get yourself the best backpacking hammock and you can blend with the landscape, enjoy a panoramic view of the day or a starry night sky.

Swaying from the edge of the Himalayas in December may not seem ideal. But in milder weather and with proper insulation, you will probably find you can kick back and really swing with the Best backpacking hammock.

The following are some hammock recommendations that could help you choose one for your needs. But first, take a look at some of the features the Best backpacking hammock have to offer.

What to Look for Choosing the Best Backpacking Hammock

Built for Specific Needs

If you want to sleep in your hammock, you will find there are particular Best backpacking hammock for all-nighters. Decide where you will be heading. Will there be rain or will it be cold? There are feature-rich hammocks with rain tarps and bug nets, all-weather insulation, etc. that are perfect for overnight use.

They may also be wider and have space for insulated sleeping pads or sleeping bags. Daytime hammocks are the lighter kinds that are suitable for lounging in and converting into a chair, so you need one less item to carry.

For nighttime hammocks, either, use a blow-up pad to keep you insulated, use an under quilt, or look for hammocks that have double layers with a separate section to fit your sleeping pad in.

Lightweight and Tiny

The best hiking hammocks roll up tight into a softball-sized bag and weigh less than 2 pounds. Minus the tent and the sleeping bag you no longer need, and you have luggage that is several pounds lighter. As you know, shedding weight is critical when you are hiking cross-country.


As long as you do not weigh over 400 lbs (which you probably do not if you are a hiker), most single-person hiking hammocks can support your weight. Some may support less or more weight, so there is hope if you are on the heavier side. Double person hammocks can hold up to 500 lbs and can make for cozy snuggle sessions. (Or for hanging with your kid. Hiking hammocks make great family camping gear.)

In Expensive

You do not need to drive a hole in your wallet to get one. A good daytime backpacking hammock can cost less than $30. But I will also recommend some superior expedition-quality hammocks that are longer-lasting and cost more, yet still, are less expensive than a tent.

Durable and Quick Dry

Hammocks are typically made of nylon or polyester, so they are breathable, strong and dry quickly. This means quick recovery after rain.

Quick Setup

You can string a hammock up in about 2 minutes. Simply string the carabiner clips with hooks and tree straps. The toughest job may be finding the perfect anchors – the ones that are not “widow-makers”. Trees that are at least 8 inches in diameter make the safest anchor points.

Comfortable and Stable Suspension

Hiking hammocks do not come with spreaders – the kind in backyard hammocks that can throw you over. Instead, they gather to a point at each end and need a system of straps and carabiners to be anchored to a tree or other anchor point. Some models come with necessary cords and carabiners for setup, while others may need you to buy carabiners and webbing or straps for harnessing.

Our Reviews Of Top 5 Best Backpacking Hammocks




Perfect alternative to a tent and sleeping pad for the light and cost-conscious traveler


Single-person Adventure Hammock

starter rope kit, Net suspension kit, and Nautical-Grade carabiners

This is an all-purpose hammock - great for backpacking

1 Grand Trunk Ultralight

1. Grand Trunk Ultralight

This is a terrific daytime polyester hammock weighing just 12 ounces which pack to almost nothing in your backpack. The Grand Turk Ultralight can hold up to 250 lbs easily. It is sturdy, fits a sleeping pad, and safely holds you in a snug cocoon.

This is a terrific daytime polyester hammock weighing just 12 ounces which pack to almost nothing in your backpack. The Grand T​urk Ultralight can hold up to 250 lbs easily. It is sturdy, fits a sleeping pad, and safely holds you in a snug cocoon.

Awesome Video From : Chad Poindexter

2. La Sportiva Tarantulace Shoe - Women's

This is another attractive and spacious daytime hammock weighing 19 ounces but supporting up to 400 lbs. It is wide enough to fit two people comfortably. It may be heavier than a hammock you would want to bring on great backpacking holidays, but good enough for hikes, camping, and parks.

The hammock does not come with straps, so you will need to get those separately.ENO also makes single hammocks, and both types come in a variety of fun colors.

3. Tribe Provisions Single Person Hammock

Tribe Provisions hammock supports 400 lbs and is made of sturdy 210 ripstop nylon. It weighs around 21.5 ounces with the suspension gear, but folds up as small as a 1-liter bottle!

You can use this one straight out of the box – it comes with 2 10-foot 550 paracord cables for anchoring.

4. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

Grand Turk Skeeter Beeter Prois the hammock for regular campers who like to travel light but want something with more shelter. It is high-quality stuff, and as the name suggests, comes with fine netting to keep the bugs out and a Net suspension kit. You can uncover the net when the bugs are away.

The fabric is 100 percent nylon reinforced with triple-stitched seams. It weighs 28 ounces and packs into the size of a football. It comes with all the suspension gear that you will need, including nautical quality carabiners. Note that you will need an insulated pad to keep your bum warm.

Also, it does not have an asymmetrical design like other nighttime/camping hammocks but rather it is a traditional hammock shape. This means your head and feet lie higher than you may like when sleeping. It is a good purchase for the price, however.

5. Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

The Hennessy Expedition Hammock sounds like it is for rough and tough conditions, though it is really only excellent for summer camping. The cold can get to you without Hennessy's ($140) accessory. So if you do not want to shell out nearly the price of the hammock for an accessory, it is best not to get this for cold weather use unless you are a regular camper.

Having said that, the hammock is tough and durable, with sturdy webbing straps and an asymmetrical design, so that there is plenty of space for you, even if you are 6 feet tall. Stick to the 250 lbs weight limit, however. It comes with a rain tarp for additional shelter. Another advantage is the flat-lay design, which means its asymmetrical design is more comfortable to sleep in than the traditional hammock.

In Summary

These recommendations should get you started with your own research into the best hammock for you. Be very clear about what exactly you are looking for – all-weather/ daytime or camping hammocks, traditional or asymmetrical, options for hanging in the terrain you will be going to and so on (such as above the treeline). Then compare features, prices, and suspension systems and make a choice. Good luck!

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