Best Backpacking Jacket Reviews Of Top 5 Trail Jackets For Men

Top 5 Best Backpacking Jackets

Every backpacker knows that the most important type of backpacking equipment is a jacket. Having a top-rated Best Backpacking Jackets will help protect you from every type of weather you could encounter while out on your backpacking adventure.

The tricky part is finding a jacket that will work the best for you. There are many different things that need to be taken into consideration before going out to buy a Best Backpacking Jackets.

What to Look for Choosing the Best Backpacking Jacket

Weather Protection

Knowing what type of weather that you will be encountering will help you narrow down which type of jackets you look at. Most backpacking jackets come with some type of weather protection. Waterproof or water resistant Best Backpacking Jackets should be considered if you are planning a trip to a rainy area.

Make sure that the material is breathable which will help to keep water away from your body, so that you are able to stay too dry. There is one difference between waterproof and water resistant. Material that is waterproof will be able to withstand larger amounts of rainfall before you could start to get wet. Being water resistant means that the jacket is only able to withstand light amounts of rain.

Another weather protection option is getting a Best Backpacking Jackets that is windproof or wind resistant. Wind resistant jackets are designed to be able to withstand small amounts of wind. Windproof backpacking jackets will function as a great barrier against the strongest winds.

Jacket Types

Hard shell jackets are designed to be waterproof as well as breathable. The jacket is made out of a stiff material that usually has several different layers. The inner layer works to take the sweat away from the body so you are able to stay dry throughout your backpacking trip. In some cases this hard shell is not insulated, so you could get cold.

Soft shell is the most typical backpacking jacket. These jackets are made up of an insulating and water resistant layer. The material that is used is very flexible, which makes it easy to pack. Soft shell jackets work the best as an outer protection in cold, dry environments.

Insulated shell jackets are used for colder climates. These jackets are filled with down, or in some cases synthetic down, both of which will work to keep you nice and warm.

The last type of shell is a hybrid one, which combines the soft and hard shell jacket together to create a highly protective jacket. This jacket will help protect you against numerous elements, while still being made out of flexible material.​


All types of jackets are designed with lots of zippers. But the best zippers are the ones that are able to keep water from seeping in. This means that the zipper should have to be covered with a rubberized coating or a have storm flap covering them. Both of these will keep all your pocket items nice and dry.


Picking a jacket that has a hood that is adjustable will come in handy. This adjustability will allow you to be able to keep your head dry, no matter what type of weather you encounter.

Our Reviews Of Top 5 Best Backpacking Jacket




Climaproof breathable, water and windproof material for use in extreme weather conditions

100% polyester Windowpane Triple ripstop. Lining: 100% polyester reflective print

Marmot® NanoPro™ Waterproof/Breathable Fabric

It will protect you and your belongings from the elements with a DWR finish and rip stop fabric

Q Shield DOWN 650-fill insulation repels water, 30D nylon face fabric is light and durable

1. Adidas Outdoor Wandertag Solid Jacket

Adidas has created a very versatile backpacking jacket. It is able to keep you warm and dry no matter what type of weather you encounter.

Here are the few nice features:

  • Made completely out of Polyester
  • Internal pockets help to keep your belongings safe
  • Drawstring at the waist helps to keep warmth inside the jacket
  • Material is made to withstand extreme weather conditions
  • Waterproof, windproof, and completely breathable

Hick up:

Polyester is not a very durable fabric. Since the jacket is completely made out of polyester it means that it will rip relatively easy. This could cause the lifespan of the jacket to be very short.

2. Columbia Sportswear Men's Mighty Light Hooded Jacket

The Columbia company has designed this insulated jacket that will keep you warm and dry on those cold backpacking trips.

Here are the few nice features:

  • Pockets are fleece-lined
  • Made up of several different layers: outer shell, lining, and insulation
  • Fabric is water resistant
  • Good jacket that can be used as an added layer
  • Insulation is made out of OmniHeat technology

Hick up:

While this jacket does have OmniHeat technology, the warmth that is produced is not enough to able to withstand long cold backpacking adventures. The fabric is not very breathable, which means that the warm air is not able to move out the jacket.

3. Marmot PreCip Jacket

Marmot jacket is easy to pack thanks to its ability to fold up into its own pocket. Designed with almost 3 different layers this jacket includes other advantages as well.

  • Adjustable hood
  • Waterproof and completely breathable
  • Material is 100% Nylon
  • Front zipper with an internal velcro fastener
  • Lightweight design
  • Wide color selection
  • Adjustable wrist cuffs

Hick up:

There are some downfalls to this jacket as well. The biggest problem with this jacket is that the water resistance coating does not last very long. The small number of pockets could also be a slight problem if you have a tendency of holding a lot of items in your pockets.

4. ExOfficio Men's Flyq Lite Jacket

The Flyq jacket makes a great travel jacket. You are able to store just about everything into this jacket due in part to the built-in Travel Pocket System. Some other advantages that this jacket comes with includes:

  • Microfleece-lined pocket for your glasses
  • Travel Pocket System is made up 11 pockets
  • Made out of lightweight material
  • Water resistant, and stain resistant
  • Works in all types of weather

Hick up:

This jacket does not come with a hood, which can be a drawback if it rains while you are out on a backpacking adventure.

5. Mountain Hardwear Men's Dynotherm Down Jacket

With a Mountain Hardware jacket, you will never get cold while out on your next backpacking outing. No matter what type of weather conditions you encounter this jacket will block it out.

Here are some nice features:

  • Hand warmer pockets
  • Installation is made out of down
  • Lightweight but bulky
  • Single chest pocket
  • Q.Shield Down helps to repel water
  • Elastic wrist cuffs seal in warmth

Hick up:

This jacket only works in cold climates and is not ideal for those warm days. While there is a hood it does not cinch up, so some of the warmth is able to get out leaving your head a little cold.

In Summary

Our list of the best backpacking jackets makes it easy to pick out a jacket for every type of adventure you can imagine. Knowing what type of jacket you are wanting can make your buying experience a pleasant one.

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