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Discover the best men's hiking boots and shoes for hitting the trails this year. We've included the most dependable hiking boots and shoes that look rugged for a day hike yet comfortable to wear all day. Our definite guide covers the most comfortable hiking boots that give you the luxury and support you need to cover any terrain.

When going for a hike, one critical asset that you cannot do without a great pair of hiking boots. After all, your feet will come into contact right about everything in your path. In this, you cannot compromise on comfort as well as quality. You have no reason not to enjoy your hike or consider not getting to your destination simply because you invested in the wrong type of shoes. One key factor to remember is that price is not the ultimate decision breaker even when working on a budget.


1. KEEN Men's Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot

Targhee Mid WP Hiking Boots deliver on durability thanks to the use of the leather material. This also delivers on comfort, as this material is breathable.  The rubber sole comes in handy in getting through the different terrains and protects your bottom. For those who cannot resist hiking during the wet seasons, its waterproof feature comes in handy in ensuring the water does not damage your boots. Enjoy the long-term comfort with its dual density EVA foam mid sole.

2. Saloman Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot

With a combination of leather, textile, and synthetic material, Soloman Quest  aims at delivering on comfort, breath-ability that boosts comfort, as well as makes it easy to clean.It also features a 4D chassis, which plays a key role in ensuring stability and protection from different terrains.Enjoy your hike despite the difference in weather thanks to its waterproof feature that will leave your boots secure.Another feature that cannot go unnoticed is the rubber toecap that serves the purpose of protecting your toes in the event you are hiking in rocky terrains.

3. Lowa Men's Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot

Right from the design to the features that deliver on functionality, this pair of hiking boots will allow you to hike on different terrains as well as in various weather.Lowa Renegade GTX delivers this thanks to its water-repellent nu-buck leather. To boost comfort and breath-ability, it comes with perforations.Another feature that will get you to consider these boots is the shock absorbent Vibram sole that will help you get through rough terrains by protecting your feet.To help you get through wet seasons or terrains, the waterproof lining seeks to reduce the hot spots so your boots can serve you in the long-term.Here is a related article about cleaning Hiking Boot

4. Merrell Men's Moab Ventilator Mid Hiking Boot

Merrells Moab Ventilator boots are versatile allowing the sporty individuals to not only take on hiking but also cycling as well as trailing. They are sturdy and durable thanks to its leather and mesh construction. This ensures that it retains its structure even after several uses as well as ensures debris stay out.The mesh lining makes it breathable providing comfort and better air circulation.Its lining is treated with Aegis Antimicrobial solution to help prevent odor, and the anatomical foot bed ensures you have the right support.Its shock absorbing air cushion heel not only makes it comfortable but also protects you in the event you hit something along the terrain

5. KEEN Men's Voyageur Mid Hiking Boot

When looking for hiking boots that are durable, reliable, and high quality. To waterproof your boots, it has a GORE-TEX lining to enable you to hike even when the weather is wet.Kenn Voyageur Hiking Boots also delivers on comfort thanks to its lightweight, shock-absorbing feature, as well as its leather and textile material.The shock-absorbing feature boosts traction. This enables you to use this pair on both dry and wet surfaces.With the lace-to-toe system, it seeks to provide an excellent fit. It is well ventilated with the inclusion of a mesh lining making them ideal for use in the summer.

6. Ariat Men's Terrain Hiking Boot

This comes with a great design to complement Men. Ariat Men’s Hiking Boots features a leather and synthetic material to help deliver on comfort and aeration.It is light in weight to ensure that you are comfortable while at the same time ensuring that it is sturdy.The outer sole is flexible yet at the same time aims at protecting you. Whether you are on a rocky terrain or one with twigs and branches, you can still enjoy your hide thanks to its synthetic sole. The heel is comfortable and is not too high.

7. Salomon Men's X Ultra Mid 2 GTX Multifunctional Hiking Boot

This pair of hiking boot is keen to deliver on providing a high glove-like fit. While it is important to purchase a size that fits, it boost this function thanks to its lace-up and speed hook.Salomon Ultra Mid GTX  delivers on comfort and promotes aeration with the help of the breathable mesh panels.To help protect your toes, it features a protective rubber toe cap. You will notice the gusseted tongue that aims at eliminating debris.The rubber sole makes it comfortable with a soft feel when hiking even when on a rough terrain.

8. Ariat Men's Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

With a round toe profile, this ensures that your toes have sufficient space thus boosting comfort and flexibility.It features a waterproof oiled full grain leather upper that makes it convenient in using your hiking boots be it in dry or wet seasons. To boost stability, it features a synthetic sole that is firm.With the combination of a waterproof feature and a synthetic sole, you can hike through different terrains with ease over several miles.Ariat designed this hiking boot specifically to help meet the needs and preferences looking for a boot that will serve them through every season.

9. Men's Talus Waterproof Hiking Boot

Strap up and head for any terrain for your hiking in these Waterproof Hiking Boots. The lace-up system with a looped-heal pool ensures you have a firm fit with a great fit. The leather material not only gives it a sleek finish but also leaves it durable and promoted better aeration.In this, it leaves you comfortable, flexible, and ready to hike the extra mile.This is in addition to its lightweight feature. To ensure you can hold up to your hobby despite the different seasons, it features a waterproof finish making it versatile.The midsole boosts comfort even with the thought of hiking through several miles.

10. Lowa Men's Zephyr Mid TF Hiking Boot

These hiking boots are made from leather and some fabric. The leather enhances durability and a sleek finish whereas the fabric promotes breath-ability.To boost durability while at the same time enhancing flexibility, this pair features a rubber sole.The looped eyelets and the lace-up system makes it easy for individuals to make the right adjustments for the good fit.They reach up to your ankle to promote safety all the way. Lowa Zephyr is designed with a mono wrap mid sole to enhance adequate support.

What To Look For Choosing The Best Men’s Hiking Boots

There are several factors to consider when finding the best hiking boots to meet your ideal needs, wants, and preferences. These will include:

1. Support

When hiking, it is important that you support your ankles and your arch. With this in mind, consider boots with ankle support and arch support especially for those who hike over long distances. This further enhances your safety by preventing easy injury.

2. Type Of Materials

The material used will determine the durability of your boots other factors held constant. Many are built of leather though there are some synthetic materials.For those going through tough and rugged terrains will consider leather material.

3. Water Proofing

Waterproofing comes with two significant advantages, breath-ability and ability to withstand wetness.Different boots have various levels of waterproofing and depending on your terrain and environment. Some individuals love to hike through mountains, and they may come across several streams whereas others live in wet countries.These groups will consider different levels of waterproofing. The more exposure you have, the higher the waterproofing levels you need.

Techniques For Tying Up Hiking Boots​

1. The Surgeon's Knot

Surgeon’s knot allows you to isolate different positions of your laces thus be able to create an area which is tighter or looser.Surgeon’s knot is simple since it is like lacing your hiking boots, but instead you have to go around twice or even thrice Creating a secure lace lock which will be hard to slip loose when you release your shoes.

2. Segmented Lacing

Tying technique for narrow feet, One of the techniques you have to use if you have small and narrow feet is segmented lacing.In segmented lacing, You start in the middle that is about three eyelets up and Work down to the bottom. Before you insert your laces, loop your laces through the gaiter catch if your boots have any.In case your hiking boot does not have any gaiter catch, Surgeon’s knot is the best where you tie the knot at the bottom before you insert the laces via the fourth eyelet.To make sure your hiking boot at all times stays at a constant tightness when you remove your hiking boots, do not undo the section of tying unless you want to adjust further the fit.

3. Knotted Lacing

Knotted Lacing is associated with Surgeon’s knot where you pass the lace through the second, third and fourth eyelet depending on how much you want to lock off your hiking boot.Surgeon’s knot allows you to perform faster adjustment when you are on the go, without you having to remove your hiking boot.In case you want to tighten your hiking boots more, insert the Surgeon’s knot before you pass the lace through each eyelet of your boot.But making your hiking boot tighter will not leave any room for your foot to expand. It is best for you to test your hiking boots at home and see how they feel and if it is necessary to develop your boots.

4. Lacing Windows

Tying methods for wider feet, Lacing windows Creating windows in the tying pattern may alleviate the pressure on your foot.Surgeon’s knotty from any windows you create anywhere on the lacing pattern but also surgeon’s knot adds tension in the tying run where you don’t want it.In this technique, you lace vertically next to the large eyelet in your boot thus creating a gap or a window in the lacing pattern.Lacing windows is best for you if you gets sore spots on top of your foot when your laces are tied too tight.

5. Heel Lock Technique

Surgeon’s knot uses open hooks like speed lacing system on the side of your hiking boots creating a pulley-like-system that allows you to handle resistant leather boots and locks your heel firmly and in place.The first method in heel lock method creates less tension where the finishing knot lowers down allowing excellent security for the ankle.You have to surgeon’s knot before the speed section of the lace, directly go to the top tie catch, Cross the laces over and then pass down to the second catch of the lace.Using another surgeon’s knot, draw in your boot tightly and then tie off.Dealing with damaged hiking boots Laces breaking is one of the annoying things that unexpectedly happens when you are out on the trail or even an eyelet breaking.

You can deal with laces breaking in the following ways. Down at the broken eyelet, unlace your footwear first, then next to the right pair of holes, pass both of the lace.Tying off You can finish off your laces in many ways. The quickest and easiest way to tie and undo your knot is using the double bow.The double bow provides perfect tension and also resists loosening itself when you are out on the trail. Single bow and double bow are tied in the same way.

So Which One Is The Best Men's Hiking Boot?

The above guide will ease your searching process when looking for the Men’s best hiking boots. It factors in your lifestyle and environment to help you settle for the best pair that will meet your wants, need, and references. To narrow down your search, it outlines the best hiking boots with different features and their main advantages. You have no reason to compromise on quality, comfort, and safety when going out to hike.

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