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Best Survival Backpacks of 2020 to Carry All Your Essential Gear

If there is one thing I’ve noted as a regular hiker, it’s that making a trip fun is all about having the right backpack.A backpack allows you to carry almost everything you need to survive even the harshest environments on the planet. This post has covered the top ten best survival backpacks on the market. But before that, I’ll take you through some few tips on how to pick the right one.


Discover The Best survival backpacks for camping, hiking, and survivalists. We’ve included reviews of the most rugged tactical backpacks that are lightweight yet comfortable to carry all your belongings. These survival backpacks are sturdy and decent sized bags that are water-resistant and ready for carrying all essential gear for survival.

1. Venture Pal Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack

Initially, I wanted a backpack that was not only sturdy and large but also stylish. Venture Pal Lightweight seemed to be the perfect answer.Its design is striking, it is durable, and the best part features a lot to like. It also comes with a dual layer bottom that will withstand any load when traveling.Other admirable features include SBS metal zippers, breathable mesh with sponge padding for shoulder relief and adjustable chest straps having a whistle buckle that securely locks your backpack in place.

It offers up to 35 liters of storage space with two main separators located in the main compartment for proper organization of gears. Lastly, it features side pockets that can hold your water when trekking.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Red Tail Internal Frame Pack - 65L

One thing that frustrates me most when camping is, realizing that left the most important Items behind.For that reason, I wanted a bag that would carry almost everything. My search ended at ALPS Mountaineering Red Tail Internal Frame Pack.Besides, the main compartment, it features a front pocket, two side pockets that are hinged, a rifle holder and a spotting scope pocket.

Also included is a waist belt that is padded and lastly, shoulder straps for maximum comfort.Other admirable specs include knife and light pockets and a shooting stix holder located on the lashing straps.Unlike many other backpacks on the market, ALPS Mountaineering offers you both a Freighter Frame and a pack bag in a one-time payment

3. TETON Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

I’ve known TETON to produce some of the best backpacking bags on the market. TETON Sports 3400 isn’t an exception. Despite, its low price, it features a lot to like.It comes with a side mesh pockets for holding snacks or water bottle, a bungee storage and a front mesh pocket where you can stash your jacket, map, sunscreen or shoes. 

It also features pockets that are zippered on each side plus hood pockets on the inside as well as the outside of the pack.The main compartments have tube clips on both sides where you can keep a Water bladder cool. However, the package doesn’t have a bladder.

4. TETON Sports Mountain Adventurer 4000 Backpack

When I stumbled upon TETON Spots Explorer, remembered my first day at the camp. I wore a backpack that got hot on my back and was too uncomfortable.TETON Sports Explorer 4000 is comfortable and fully breathable. I liked its torso adjustment feature, the airflow mechanism, and it’s padded back. Also it features hip, lumbar and shoulder pads that are contoured to offer comfort.

It features 3 liters of water bladder pockets that are padded. Other specs liked include top zippered accessories pocket, side zippered pockets and mesh pockets.TETON Sports is a perfect choice if you don’t want to spend more to get some of the most expensive varieties on the market.

5. Mountaintop 65L Outdoor Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop Outdoor Hiking Backpack pack was a different kind. It offers you up to four expandable compartments with a capacity of up to 65 liters plus additional compression straps to keep your gears compact.It also features a 600-denier polyester that is lined with rip-free PVC to prevent Water from getting inside.A combination of a waist, sternum straps, and padded shoulder straps makes it one of the most comfortable backpacks on the market.

Also included is a back panel that is highly ventilated to provide a cool airflow. Other salient features include straps that line the outside of the backpack so that you can add more gear and an additional handle so that you can carry the bag using one hand.

6. TERRA PEAK Adjustable Hiking Backpack

Are you long hike fanatic? Well if you are then the Terra Peak Explorer is most suitable for you. It is a most functional and best fitting backpack for long hikes with heavy loads.This backpack comes in three variants 55L, 65L and 85L capacity which gives you enough storage to carry pretty much you need for long trails. It has two-sided expandable zipper pockets for storing clothes and for easy access.

It has D-strings located on shoulder straps for smaller accessories and lastly, a Back panel where you can keep Water bottle or water bladder and tube access.With Adjustable straps on the backpack, it can work for both men and women regardless of size.Overall It is a very well constructed and very light backpack for its size. If you are planning on a hefty hiking trip, then this is the one for you.

7. Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpacks

The Osprey Atmos should always be your number one companion. It is one of the best fitting and most ventilated and comfortable backpacks ever made for extended backpacking trips.The Osprey comes with an adjustable harness and fits on the fly hipbelt. The hipbelt is comfortable to adjust and remain firm when locked.

It has dual mesh side pockets for storing water bottles and other gear and a dedicated sleeping bag compartment. Overall it is a great pack with a lot of space which carries everything you need, and it’s perfect for weekend backpacking trips.

8. Gregory Mountain Baltoro 65 Liter Men's Backpack

This top loading men’s travel backpack is made from a solid Nylon material that enhances its strength, durability, and performance.Its removable and adjustable straps improve backpack comfort makes it easy to carry a backpack for hours while hiking.It’s a multi pocket backpack that allows you to keep your stuff well organized for easy and faster accessibility. Also include sealed hip belt compartments for storing your smart phone, GPS and smaller digital devices.

The top loading design with a front U-zip panel design makes it very attractive and presentable.Gregory Mountain Baltoro is the most convenient pack if you plan on carrying heavy loads, it won’t disappoint you as it has more padding so it can carry more weight comfortably.

9. Kelty Coyote 80 Backpack

The Kelty Coyote is quite heavy backpack which is lighter, more comfortable and durable pack and ideal for extended trips into the backcountry.It has enough pockets to store everything and belt pockets for storing compass, GPS, and smartphone and backpacking food.Its strength and durability are enough to last you a lifetime. It is suitable for hiking, camping and also hunting.This backpack is quite large and heavy has lot’s of space for storing everything for multi-day hiking.If you don’t mind the extra space and if you’re an avid hiker or camper, then I would say this might be the most fabulous choice.

10. QUICK-UP 65L Hiking Backpack Internal Frame Backpack

The Quick up backpack pack is made with high quality, durable and robust resistant honeycomb material. Its multi-position torso adjustment fits for any size which makes suitable for both men and women. It has a full breathable back panel to support your back with maximum comfort and airflow.It also has a cute, and elegant design with the adjustable back system, adjustable buckles, extendable zipper pockets, hip belt pocket, and also has a waterproof rain cover and a dedicated pocket for the included rain cover.

It has an excessively padded compartment and enough space for carrying a sleeping bag, trekking poles and all other associated accessories. The backpack construction makes it ideal for camping activity.

How To Choose The Best Survival Backpacks

Do you want to purchase a backpack and then like to buy all essential gear? But First, of all, you need to identify the list of items that you are planning to take out.After sticking to the essential gear, based on the pack volume and the duration of the hike, you can choose a pack that fits your backpacking needs.For a perfect hike or camping we need all the things that are necessary and should cover all our needs with less in weights. Let’s find how to choose a hiking backpack and figure out the size of the pack that you need.

1. Check How Much Load You Can Carry

Since you are going to add some Weight to it, a heavy backpack will give you a hard time, especially if you have to walk to reach your destination. It is also not a good idea to choose the lightest backpacks on the market because you need the one with an internal frame.Calculate how much load you can carry using Ideal Weight Calculator it recommends an ideal weight that you can carry based on the healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and then look for the pack within that range.

2. What's Your Trip Length

Tip length also determines your pack weight so if you are going for a 20-mile hike, anything between 2 pounds 20-30 Liters pack is enough. If you are doing a day hike, then anything between 4 pounds 30-40 L would be okay.

3. Internal Frame

Backpack frames are categorized into three. We have the internal frames that are enclosed inside your backpack, external frame as well as frame less packs. Choose internal frame since they offer a better load Support.External frame packs provide a lot of comforts when hiking, and they can carry weight higher. Comes with a lot of adjustment options and sets off on your back and works more efficiently to carry much weight on foot.Internal frame backpacks are a lot lighter, and they can take almost same weights as the external frame packs unless you want to through more than 50lb into bag there is no need to go for external packs.I think here is a significant weight benefit of choosing internal pack to go lighter.Choose the one which is most comfortable for you.

4. Capacity

To carry everything you need to survive an unknown location, you need a backpack with adequate space. Depending on how long you are planning to stay in your jungle, choose a capacity that ranges from 30 to 70. The longer you stay, the bigger the capacity should be.Check for the accessibility of pack whether you have a zip on the side so that you can quickly put stuff in and take out easily.Look for the Backpack with has multiple pockets and water bottle holders and a holder for carabiner in case if you want to hang in on somewhere. Backpack with multiple pockets helps you keep everything and find them quickly

5. Rain Covers

The best survival backpacks have rain covers that are separate and detachable. Some of them have a Waterproof coating, but won’t work well to keep the moisture outside. So, get an affordable rain cover.

6. Waterproof

Rain can be devastating to your food or gears. Fortunately, you can prevent this with a Waterproof material Because you will also need proper ventilation, choose a waterproof material that offers ventilation. You need to consider the material of the pack made out of, you’ll be able to estimate the durability of the pack based on fabric material used. Make sure it doesn’t rip easily and last for several years.

7. Hydration Sleeve

When trekking, you will need to be able to access water from your backpack easily. Also, carrying a bottle of water will make you feel exhausted faster.A hydration sleeve can help you slip a water reservoir for easy access while trekking.With that in mind, here is a list of the best survival backpacks that will offer you everything you need to overcome inconveniences.

8. Accessibility And Shape

Don’t to worry about the shape of the pack because they all come in different shapes and sizes and it doesn’t need to be pretty.Prefer bags that can only open at the top instead of taking a bag that has multiple compartments and has many zippers.

9. Backpack Fit

Torso length and waist size are the two things I’ll consider when choosing a backpack. Avoid keeping heavier stuff of the top so that most of the weight falls on your hipsMake sure that the folder straps aren’t too lose and aim for 30% of weight on your shoulders and 70% of the weight on the hip belt. Keep your food and clothes at the bottom since you won’t need during the day and just be careful not to lower too much to save your back.

Few other factors that don’t matter such as ventilation or breath ability. Whether backpack offers ventilation or not, I don’t think it matters because it just sits on your body.My ideal backpack would be of volume between 35L and 50L and a framed pack with a padded hip belt for an additional comfort.

Which one is the best survival backpack?

If I were to pick five backpacks, then I would take everything on this list. They are large, they have the internal frame, most of their parts are padded for comfort and the best part, they are affordable compared to many backpacks on the market. But as you can see, they also differ in some ways.When selecting best survival backpacks, I would want something much stronger and stable. For that reason, Osprey Atmos 65 AG Backpacks despite the high price gets a win here.

Don’t forget to check warranty and durability of the pack and you can easily predict strength based on fabric.Decide upfront how much load you want to carry is to take one that perfectly adjusts to your body.

Hope that helped you to find backpack, share your experience and tips for choosing backpack, your comments are welcome, happy hiking.

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