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Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags Of 2020 With Best Weight To Warmth Ratio

Let you know some of the important factors one should consider when getting a Sleeping Bags.Due to its indisputable importance, I have created this guide to share some best ultralight sleeping bags on the market and the features you should look out for to transform chilling nights into comfortable, warm night outs.

One of the worst things that can happen to you is to spend the night in the woods shivering, unable to sleep and with your teeth loudly chattering. Fortunately, the power to prevent all that is your hands. All you need is to pay more attention to the quality and suitability of the Best sleeping bag. The  sleeping bags will keep you warm, provide comfort, ensure your safety and help your body get the sleep it needs to relax. 

Therefore, a sleeping bag is one of the most critical pieces of any backpacking trip. It could also be one of the most heaviest and costly items in your pack and thus, when well chosen it could help reduce the weight and cost for a more enjoyable outdoor experience. Finding the best ultralight sleeping bag can be quite a task as the market is saturated with a lot of these products with scarce information about them.

This review article will not only shed some light on some of the best bags in the market but also let you know some of the important factors one should consider when getting a Sleeping Bags. Due to its indisputable importance, I have created this guide to share some best sleeping bags on the market and the features you should look out for to transform chilling nights into comfortable, warm night outs.

our reviews of best ultralight sleeping bags

Discover The Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags that are very well built and of high quality. We’ve included reviews of the lightest possible sleeping bags that are pack friendly and easy to carry. These best budget ultralight down sleeping bags offer better sleep and warmth you need for winter camping, hiking, and backpacking.

1. Nemo Verve 20 Long Sleeping Bag

This item has the ability to stretch being suitable for people of height 6’ to 6’6”. This is a desirable feature as it makes the bag adaptable. Nemo Verve outer material is completely water repellent which manages to keep water away maintaining the quality of insulation and the inner lining. For side sleepers, this is the best sleeping bag for them as it provides room on its sides for the knees and elbows. The inner part has been wholly covered with a fabric that makes it comfortable sleeping in the bag.The durability of the sleeping bag has not been compromised as the product has been made to be long lasting.

2. Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag

Do you like camping in summer, spring and fall? The Tuck 22 Degree sleeping bag by Kelty features specially engineered blend fiber Thermal Pro to help retain warmth and provide you with superior capability to make your summer, spring and fall camping fun.The sleeping bag weighs about 3 lbs. and comes in long and regular options. The long option fits people as tall as 6 ft. 6 in. while the regular fits up to 6 ft.

The Kelly Tuck sleeping bag is best used not on such cold weather conditions such as during the winter. Like its name goes, the material with which it has been made enables it to withstand temperatures as low as 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Weighing just 3 pounds, carrying the bag around shouldn’t be a burden for any camper. The major drawback with this product is that it limits the users’ height to only 6 feet hence taller people cannot comfortably use it. The inside is, however, comfortable as a fiber blend fabric has been added on the inner lining. With the bag comes a stuff sack.

3. Outdoor Vitals Atlas 15°F Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag

Weighing only 3.5 pounds, Outdoor Vitals Atlas Down Sleeping Bag fits in your backpack quite well eliminating the struggle one faces when carrying a heavy bag. Its zippers are heavy duty and are unlikely to spoil even in the toughest of terrains.Its main advantage is that its insulation allows one to use it even in temperatures below zero degrees Celsius hence one can use it even in the winter. The bag comes with a compression sack, an inside pocket that enables you put accessories such as a cell phone and hanging hooks.

4. Coleman North Rim Adult Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Coleman North Rim sleeping bag will serve you well in areas with temperatures as low as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.People taller than 6’2” can however not comfortably fit in this bag as it can’t stretch further than this.The sleeping bag has been constructed using its own unique technology using the only polyester making it sustainable. The polyester liner makes it comfortable on the inside while the diamond rip stop serves to make it light. Its design features a hood that helps to make the head warm as one sleeps.

5. Hyke & Byke Katahdin Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The Mummy sleeping bag has been entirely made from polyester which makes it extra light and is able to provide the much-needed warmth. Its rigid zipper doesn’t allow it to snag while its reinforced material makes it durable and reliable. You don’t have to worry about it not being comfortable as it has a microfiber lining to ensure that one gets a good night sleep. To make it even lighter, its designers added a polyester ripstop shell which has been reinforced. The bags has been rated at a temperature of 14 degrees Fahrenheit which means that it is not suitable for use in the winter.

6. Wenzel Blue Jay Sleeping Bag

This Blue Jay sleeping bag by Wenzel features a quilt-through construction and 5lbs. of non-allergenic Insul-Therm insulation for warmth.It is rated for use in 25 degrees Fahrenheit chilly nights and comes with a stuff sack for easy portability. However, in addition to its high-quality construction, one of the reasons why I rate it as one of the best sleeping bags its functionality.

With large 2-way main zipper, this Wenzel Blue Jay bag can be zipped together with another bag to create a double bag.You can also convert it into a blanket by fully unzipping it providing you with greater versatility. The bag has a carrying weight of about 7.375 lbs and measures 3 by 38 by 81 inches.

7. Coleman Big Basin 15 Big and Tall Adult Sleeping Bag

With semi-sculpted hood, this Big Basin Extreme Weather sleeping bag by Coleman helps you sleep comfortably in cold temperatures of O F to 20 F by locking in heat.Some of the reasons why I rate this Coleman sleeping bag as one of the best sleeping bags on the market are the roomy design that makes it perfect for tall people of up to 6 ft. 6 in. tall and a wide bottom that lets you move your legs easily.During the warmer nights, you can unzip the bottom to get extra ventilation.Other highlights of this sleeping bag include a stuff sack for easy storage, Thermo lock full-length draft tube and quilting construction that helps prevent likely cold spots.

8. Ledge Sports X-Lite Ultra Light Sleeping Bag

Measuring 88 by 36 by 26 inches and weighing a little over 4 lbs. This Sports X-Lite XL Oversize Ultra-Light Compact sleeping bag by Ledge helps you overcome the weight and size restrictions on your journeys.With its premium fill and oversize size, this sleeping bag is for those people who struggle to fit in the traditional sleeping bags with ease. The bag also features high-quality YKK locking zippers, thermo-collar, thermo-shield and dual wall offset union. It is also water resistant and comes with an external pocket, barrel locks, contour adjustable hood and T-8 compression sack.

9. Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag 3-4 Season Sleeping Bag

This Allegheny 25-Degree sleeping bag by Mountain Trails features S quilt construction that helps to keep insulation in place for a warm sleep. This sleeping bag is also highly functional as you can choose to fully open and use it as a blanket or zip it to another sleeping bag to create a doublewide. This sleeping bag is also roomy offering you with enough space and warmth for a comfortable sleep. This Mountain Trails sleeping bag has an oversize design that gives you up to 38-inch shoulder girth enabling you to move comfortably. The sleeping bag measures 3 by 38 by 81 inches and weighs about 5 pounds.

10. Forceatt Mummy Sleeping Bag for 3-4 Seasons

Are you planning to go out as a couple or with your friend? The Double 2 Person Queen Size sleeping bag by Aircee is a highly versatile and functional product that will let you have more fun or even carry more items.The reason I like this sleeping bag is that one person can carry it allowing the other person to carry other items or even have more fun. This sleeping bag also comes with two pillows and a carrying bag with pull-string.

How To Choose A Best Sleeping Bag

Depends on whether you are backpacking or camping, what would be the average temperatures and at what elevations, you could get away with a sleeping bag. I’ve been using sleeping pads for the last few years, and they offer good value for money.I’ve written down some suggestion and tips that help you choose a good mid-range sleeping bags. You’ll need to check temperature ratings, insulation, the shape of bag and ease of use. First, let’s find out how to choose the temperature ratings.

1. The Bags Temperature Rating

Sleeping bags avoids you keeping cold so think about extreme temperatures when you’ll be backpacking or camping and then decide upon the temperature rating.In General, a low rated sleeping bags keeps you warm if the temperature drops down at night. Sleeping bags usually rated asYou need to ensure that the sleeping bag is suitable for the weather. Not matter how good a summer sleeping bag looks like. it will not be suitable for winter outdoor trips. Sleeping bags are categorized as 3-season, summer, and winter. 

The 3-season sleeping bags have temperate ratings of +10 to +35F while winter sleeping bags have +10F and lower. The summer sleeping bags have a rating of +35F and above.This is the most significant factor that should come to play. Other bags have proper insulations that work better under colder temperature conditions. Check the lowest temperature of the region you are going to camp andIf you are planning for cold winter trips, then I would recommend getting a 0-degree bag. Otherwise, if a bag is good enough for 10-20 degrees, that should be okay. Also, check whether you can use the sleeping bag in summer. Now let’s find out how the insulation makes sense for your need.

2. The Bag's Insulation

Sleeping bags comes with two types of insulation one is synthetic, and another one is Down.Sleeping bags with synthetic insulation are less expensive and likely going to be bulky and cumbersome, making it harder for backpacking, but they insulate better and when wet.On the contrary, down sleeping bags are light weight and excellent insulators.The main insulations are the down and synthetic insulations. Other bags combine both types to create a hybrid insulation. Each of the insulation has its own pros and cons depending on your hiking destination.The insulation helps to reduce the amount of heat your body loses as you sleep. The insulation can be either down or synthetic.

The down insulation is lightweight, durable, easy to compress and suitable for both cold and dry conditions.The synthetic insulation dries quickly and insulates when wet and non-allergic. It is also important to highlight that some of the best sleeping bags have the combination of both synthetic insulation and water-resistant down.Down sleeping bags packs well and there no substitute for down insulation, but it takes a long time to dry when it gets wet.So considering all these choose your down sleeping which is compressible waterproof. Now let’s discuss the shape of the sleeping bag.

3. Sleeping Bag Shape

If you’re thinking about the weight of the trip is important then Mummy shaped sleeping bags are the best choice.They usually come in narrow form and keeps you warmest, and your body heat gets conserved efficiently. Mummy bags can be easily compressible, and often, they are designed with less material.If you are looking for a comfort, a good synthetic bag can be very comfortable, if you’re out on a multi-day hiking, I will choose the synthetic sleeping bag.If you want to carry less and I’d recommend carrying down bags because they weigh less and can be more compressed. If pricing is good and if you can afford, you should go with a down sleeping bag.

4. Bag's Weight

Sleeping bags come in a wide array of shapes. To find the most comfortable and suitable to your needs, shop by comparing the hip girth and shoulder specifications.For example, a bag with wide shoulder/hip specifications may be more suitable to a broad frame or restless sleeper while the narrower bags offer maximum thermal efficiency.Different products will also have different weight specifications. The bag should be roomy enough and less weighty to lessen your camping luggage.

5. Construction

Ensure that the insulation usually between the bag’s inner lining and the outer shell is properly distributed. The common sleeping bags construction techniques include box waffle, sewn through, shingles, and layered.

6. Extras

Other things that you should look out for include zipper compatibility especially if you may want to mate two sleeping bags built-in hood and a pillow pocket, stash pocket to keep small items and pad loops that let you secure your sleeping pad to prevent rolling.

So Which One Is The Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag?

When choosing the best sleeping bag, the most important factor that you should consider is the temperature rating and the outdoor weather. However, if you happen to feel cold, you can keep warm by wearing extra clothes.If the sleeping bag is very warm you can make yourself comfortable by removing some clothes. All of the above featured best sleeping bags perform their intended role perfectly and comes with excellent features offering the best value.

I recommend getting a new bag that will have the right temperature range and compression size. You have to try out sleeping in bags in your backyards under cold weather conditions, because the actual range of temperatures for that bag may vary between 10-15 degrees for comfort.

Each of the above bags seemingly has its own pros and cons and supersede the other in one way or another. However, the Kelty Tuck 22 Degree Sleeping Bag carries the day as it seems to have all the qualities that one would love to have in a backpacking sleeping bag.It’s extremely light weight and its ability to withstand extremely low temperatures gives it an edge over all the other bags.The bags durability is also impeccable. Even with all these features, the sleeping bag manages to provide enough room for anyone to sleep in. This is arguably the best sleeping bag of all. 

If it’s hot out there, then you could just use a blanket, if it’s cold, sleeping bags keeps you warm. So, finally, it comes down to exactly what you are trying to. I hope this helps to pick a right sleeping bag Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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