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How To Break in Hiking Boots: Follow These 9 Simple Tips

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We all buy our favorite hiking boots to enjoy a hike with our friends and of course our hidden reason, that is, to show them off.However, with our new shoes come another hurdle that we have to do before we can comfortably wear our boots for long hiking trips.

Breaking in Your New Hiking Boots

Breaking in our hiking boots is really crucial to enjoying the hike. This is not a guarantee with our new favorite pair of hiking boots.New boots are stiff and if you wear them for long hikes, chances are you will have to remove your hiking boots and carry them because of the blisters that you may get as a result. 

There are various Ways in which we can break in our hiking boots, and all these steps are important to soften you boots and ultimately make you enjoy the reason you bought the hiking boots for in the first place, hiking.

1. Buy Right Hiking Boots

The most important step towards breaking in your boots is actually purchasing the right hiking boots for you Always ensure that you ask yourself.

Questions such as

These are some of the questions that will help you to purchase the shoe that fit you.  And, that will serve the purpose while being comfortable at the same time.It is also important to keep the purchasing receipt so that if you go home and try them on for some minutes and you feel uncomfortable, you can always return to the store and choose a different fit.

2. Wear A Pair of Good Quality Socks

When trying to break in your hiking boots, it is also important to invest in a pair of good quality hiking socks.Avoid the light type of socks as you will not get the right feel and will not readily absorb moisture and sweat. Test the socks with your new hiking boots and determine the comfort levels you get while wearing them.

3. Walk Around The House in Your New Hiking Boots

It is a grave mistake to buy hiking boots, and after some testing you decide they are a right fit, and then you go a long hike.You may end up with a bad day as a result of blisters caused by your new boots. So days before the hike wear your socks and hiking boots and walk around the house as you do your household chores.If your feet hurt, you might want to try it again the following day for a few minutes and as the comfort levels increase, also increase the time you have them on Do this for a couple more days until you feel comfortable Walking in them around the house.

4. Up the Testing Phase

Once you have established that you can comfortably walk in the house with your new hiking boots, it is time to up the pressure and determine if it will hold up.Go outside for short distance walks, such as 30 minutes to one hour, around the block or going to the grocery store.

Try it for a few more days and every time, increase the time for the walk. Establish the comfort levels each time you go for a walk.With time you will realize that the shoes become more comfortable and you are able to cover more ground and time during your test walks.

5. Jog with Your New Hiking Boots

Once you are comfortable walking in your new shoes, trying something new, jogging. You can jog around the block or the park as you establish your comfort levels.

6. Do Some Exercises in Your Shoes

If you are comfortable walking and running in your new hiking boots, go to the gym in them.Do some exercises in them. Doing squats help to soften the soles and reduce the pressure exerted on your feet.Also note the time you can be in the gym for in your new boots and also pay attention to any pain you might have felt while in the gym.

7. Go On A Short Hike in Preparation For The Main Hike

Go on a short hike that simulates the actual hike. Climb a small mountain and walk through rough grounds to test how your shoes will handle the pressure and the different surfaces.It is important to note that during hikes, you will probably be carrying some luggage with you e.g. backpacks that has all the items you need for the hike.This is probably a good time for you to test this as well. Carry your backpack and go on your simulated hike.

8. Keep Wearing Your Boots, Until You Can Comfortably Wear Them For A Whole Day

Our aim is to break in our hiking boots. So it is important that we keep wearing them in our effort to achieve our goal. So, how do you know that you have achieved this?

You will know that you have achieved this if you can comfortably wear your hiking boots for a whole day without any discomfort whatsoever. This is also a high time to set your boots aside for the big day, the hike.

9. Customize Your Boots. If Necessary

If you have tried breaking in your hiking boots in vain, this might be a good time to bring them to a specialist to customize them for you.There are many specialists in hiking equipment and finding one to help fix your boots will not be difficult and they can help customize your boots for you.

This is actually something that you have to resort to if there is constant pain in the same area of the boot throughout your test phase.Explain to the specialist in detail the pain you feel and then they will know what to do to help you relieve the pain when you wear your boots.

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